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Prof. J.Z.,  Prof. A.C.,  Prof. C.K.,  Prof. S.D.,  Prof. G.G.,  Dr. A.A.,  

Mr. George Dimopoulos, Ms. Bessie Mousoulea

Dear Colleagues and Friends, We extend to you our greetings from the United States and convey our sincere appreciation and gratitude for your gracious hospitality during the 2018 S.N.T.S. Meeting in Athens. From the first meeting notice and invitation in February through the closing banquet and Saturday excursions, it was evident that extraordinary planning, organization, and attention to detail had been devoted to this meeting. Our time in Greece will be fondly remembered for years to come as we look back on old acquaintances renewed, new friends met, the intellectual stimulation, the many opportunities we enjoyed to explore archeological sites and museums, and the wonderful food, culture, and hospitality of the Greek people. Thank you for making these opportunities possible and so enjoyable. Please accept our every good wish for your health and happiness.

C. & H. B. – Princeton Theological Seminary

From: R.C.
Subject: Commendations to you and Everyone Concerned. Some additional items.

Dear Bessie, When I returned to my home surroundings I had to throw myself into finishing a document for which I was under deadline.  Even as I was doing this, my mind still was reflecting over the wonderful outcomes that ensued in Greece, many of them as a result of your fine coordinating efforts. I want to thank you explicitly for your fine work in making my time in Greece so fruitful for me!  You would be most welcome to paste these paragraphs in which I am so high in sending these “Bessie-accolades” to George, the Himalaya chief officer at the Hotel and also to those who assisted me at your behest.  I recall especially the son of the owner of Himalaya who kindly accompanied me to the airport and shepherded me so that I got on my flight to Thessalonica, later that night meeting me to accompany me to the hotel after I had successfully completed my mission to Philippi. Is it possible that you can send me the e-addresses for the three Members of the local committee from the University.  Soterias, Christos, and Athanasius (am I recalling his name correctly) who marvelously accompanied me to Marathon. I want to thank each of them for making the Meeting so fruitful.  It was a stroke of genius for them to decide to entrust the Meeting arrangements to the care of Bessie and the others at Himalaya! Bessie, how can it be arranged for me to get, through the good offices of Maria, my fine guide for Philippi, the English book on St. Paul and St. Lydia?  As you recall, I thought I had hurriedly grabbed for a copy of that book that was in vintage condition, putting back the copy I had first been perusing.  However, as you know, I grabbed the wrong book–which actually turned out to be the right book for me to give to you as a present. I know that Maria does not get to Philippi so frequently, but perhaps she knows someone who could pick up the book from the man who sells those books (I believe he is hired by the Greek Orthodox Diocese to watch over the beautiful church and the area where Lydia’s baptism took place.  Could this be just another expense for which you would invoice me?  Hopefully, you have kept my credit card information and could charge me for the book and for the expense of shipping it to me here in Michigan.  Is this possible?  Please let me know.  If fact, if you can arrange it, I would actually like to purchase two copies of this book. You have good contact with Maria and with her sister.  Hopefully you can arrange this for me.  (I think I made a photo of the book with my I-phone; I still have not had time to review all of the photos I took.)  I know that Maria will remember it; it is a rather smallish book, but very nicely produced; it includes photos from the mosaics of Paul and Lydia and photos of the site of the baptism.  The English commentary is quite well done for documenting the site. Well, Bessie, I am glad that I finally got back to you to express my appreciation to you and all at Himalaya.  And if you can send me the e-addresses of the three professors on the local organizing committee, then I will be able to thank all of them as well.

Grace and Peace, Professor R.C.

From: C.L.
Subject: Herzlichen Dank!

Lieber C., jetzt ist die SNTS-Tagung schon wieder vorbei. Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass Du aufatmest, dass wir alle wieder aus Athen abgereist sind. Aber vermutlich gibt es noch einiges nachzuarbeiten. Als Teilnehmer kann ich Dir und Deinen Mitarbeitern nur ein ganz großes Kompliment machen. Es war eine aus unserer Sicht fabelhaft organisierte Tagung! Das ist eine große Leistung. Birgit und ich haben uns sehr wohl gefühlt in Athen. Ihr seid alle überaus freundlich zu uns gewesen, die Unterstützung bei irgendwelchen Fragen war vorzüglich. Athen ist natürlich eine wunderbare Stadt, auch wenn manche Probleme uns nicht unberührt lassen. Wir werden die Tagung in jeder Hinsicht in allerbester Erinnerung behalten. Noch einmal ein ganz herzliches Dankeschön, verbunden mit allen guten Wünschen! Hoffentlich hast Du jetzt auch etwas Erholung … Beste Grüße aus Tübingen,

Professor C.L.

From: D.G. 
Subject: Athènes

Lieber C., Ich hoffe sehr, du könntest heute dich ein wenig entspannen. Ich bedanke mich nochmals für die wunderbare Organisation des Kongresses. Richte bitte mein Dank an alle die sich eingesetzt haben, damit alles so perfekt sei. Dieser besondere Festabend werde ich auch in guter Erinnerung behalten. Ich liebe Griechenland, und vor allem die Griechen. Es ist schade, dass ich eure Sprache nicht gelernt habe. Aber ihr sprecht so schnell, viel zu schnell für mich. Ich wünsche dir, den deinen und deinem Land Gottes Segen. In christlicher Freundschaft. Daniel, dein elsässische Freund der sich zurzeit in Korinth befindet. 

Professor D.G.

From: H.J. de J. 
Subject: Sincere thanks

Dear Christos, I wish to thank you and the other members of the local organizing committee in Athens wholeheartedly for the magnificent conference  we had last week. The organization was perfect, the location and ambiance ideal, the academic program interesting, the party at Zafeiro Experience  most amusing, and the whole atmosphere excellent. On Saturday, I did the excursion to the Akropolis, the new Akropolis Museum and Sounion, and had an outstanding guide, a lady whose name I do not remember, unfortunately. Her explanations were  historically correct and, whenever doubt or scepsis were in place, she showed enough hesitation. She did her job admirably. –  I also appreciated the Orthodox devotions on Friday morning very much. For me this Meeting in Athens will remain unforgettable in the most favourable sense of the word. Many thanks for the hard work you put into the preparation of this conference. With kind regards,

Prof. H. J. de J.

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