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Welcome to Abeliona Retreat

A place of bliss and inner peace

Very often in today’s world, we feel like leaving everything behind and escaping the ordinary, allowing time for our body and mind to relax and revitalize. Abeliona Retreat is the ideal place to do just that. Built on the mountainside with a view out to the hilly landscape of Arcadia, a few minutes’ drive from the great temple of Apollo Epicurius, the retreat rests in an area that has always been praised not only for its generous natural beauty, but also for giving o a blissful sensation of belongingness. In this blessed, ever-vibrant part of the Peloponnese, man and nature coexist in complete harmony.


After a full day of activities, hikes and walks, seek out the lounge area that is located on the ground floor of the main building. The retreat’s Lounge, a pleasant, vanilla-scented area, is ideal for relaxing and unwinding with your favorite drink, coffee, wine or herbal tea. Collect your thoughts and recharge as you idly sit on a comfy couch or armchair next to the beautiful stone fireplace, watching time go by without a care. Opt for a board game or a new treasured reading from the lounge’s library. This comfortable and inviting sitting area with the delightful warm ambience is the perfect place to do whatever your heart desires!



Lying serenely on the highest point of the property, the yurt affords a truly remarkable view. This 80 sq.m. energy-emitting dwelling boasts a unique spiritual ambiance, and is dedicated to yoga, meditation and all kinds of therapeutic group activities. Yurts have always been considered holy in many Asian cultures; with the first written description of a yurt dating back to ancient Greek historian, Herodotus. Built from natural materials, the yurt fosters an almost total feeling of seclusion that is ideal for yoga and meditation sessions. Below the yurt, there is a 50 sq.m. pavilion, which constitutes both the perfect relaxation spot, and an area suitable for conducting outdoor sessions.



At the Abeliona Retreat they believe that one’s body is one’s temple. With respect to nutrition, they offer a rich breakfast buffet and menu dishes based on local recipes and pure ingredients. They also provide locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs, many of which are handpicked from their own vegetable garden and greenhouse, just a short time before being served, while the eggs come directly from the property’s grain-fed, free range chickens. Every day, they prepare a variety of local dishes, with appealing choices for vegetarians, health-conscious individuals and meat-eaters alike.



Walk on the agged hiking trails and footpaths running through verdant forests, venture to go down the scenic river with your raft or canoe, visit unique archeological sites such as the Temple of Apollo Epicurius and Ancient Olympia or fascinating landmarks such as the wondrous church of Saint Theodora. In this natural landscape of innite generosity, dotted with unspoiled villages, the Abeliona Retreat has something new to oer you, every day.



As nature stands still and beautiful, time seems to be slowing down. And you do too. Choose from a wide range of –yoga, meditation or therapeutic– workshops which are hosted in our yurt, and reclaim your well being, sense of balance and inner peace.



Abeliona Retreat is the perfect place to stimulate your senses and fill up with energy. Take a long walk, jog or cycle in nature’s gentle embrace. Or even better, plan a hiking trip, go down the river on a raft or simply relax in its comfortable grounds and feed from nature’s enduring life force. Timeless harmony and spiritual balance Arcadia, Abeliona and the Temple of Apollo Epicurius.


The Retreat offers 22 spacious rooms built in traditional Arcadian style. The 13 Junior Suites and 9 Family Suites come with a fireplace and all modern comforts, from Wi-Fi to bath amenities. The interiors are furnished with fine antiques and classical fabrics, in traditional décors with a subtle modern touch and a twist of upper quality. With utmost attention to detail, the accommodation of Abeliona Retreat are your personal little heaven.


A wonderful 26 sq.m. room furnished with a large double or two single beds, which can easily fit another single bed. Every Junior Suite boasts its distinct character by employing different decorative elements of local art culture and handcrafted pieces of furniture, both classic and elegant..

Amenities. Fireplace, smart TV, ceiling fan, heating, hairdryer, bathroom accessories and outside seating area, organic tea (yogi tea) & coffee (Nespresso).



The Family Suite of 57 sq.m., consisting of two large beautifully adorned rooms, sitting areas and kitchen, is able to provide spacious accommodation to a family or a group of friends. The Family suite stands out for its unique vintage design and stylish old-era furnishings, conveying a sense of time at a standstill.

Amenities. Living room, fully-equipped kitchen, dining table and chairs, fireplace, smart TV, ceiling fan, heating, hairdryer, bathroom accessories and a furnished terrace.



Outdoor Activities

Lately Abeliona Retreat have mapped 26km of sign posted trails around the property. The Apollo Trails! This is the time to wear your sports outfit and explore! Pick a bike and enjoy unique forest trails or go rafting in Lousios River, one of the best descents in Greece. The area is ideal for outdoor action! Ask reception for availability.

HIKING. The hiking paths Apollo Trails that property have marked all over the area around the Abeliona Retreat, are ideal to feel the special energy of the area, get in touch with nature and to release all your senses. It is a network with a total length of 26km, that leads you to breathtaking routes between the impressive chestnut and the stone built villages around it.


MOUNTAIN BIKE. The forest paths and the mapped trails around Abeliona Retreat are as if they were made specifically for the chevron tires of mountain bikes. The soft soil, the altitude differences and the continuous alternations of landscape make the perfect background to add a small dose of adrenaline in your day, but also to work out all of your body. And if you do not have your own bike you can always rent one at the reception.


RAFTING IN THE LOUSIOS RIVER. It is considered to be one of the most complete and beautiful routes in Greece, as the combination of the Arcadian landscapes and the impressive passages is really unique. Crystal waters, vertical cliffs, natural tunnels of plants and trees as well as rare birds, offer a unique experience for everyone, since all it takes is to be in a good physical condition and to have swimming knowledge.


RIVER TREKKING. The canyon of Neda is a hidden, lush natural paradise. The crossing develops in its most beautiful part, as you pass through natural pools, narrow walls, and underground caves, to reach after about 4 hours to the impressive waterfalls. All you need is basic fitness, closed sandals or shoes that do not slip and your swimsuit.


TREKKING. The varied topography of the region makes it ideal for trekking. Put on your most comfortable boots and navigate through shady forests, mountain narrow paths and old stone built villages, some of the most stunning points of Arcadia. There are plenty of routes among which you can choose according to your physical condition, but most of them pass through green forests of plane trees or fir trees with abundant waters in the path.


RAPPEL. The diversity of the landscape with its many mountains and canyons, gives us the opportunity for impressive air rappelling. Learn the basics of the technique of rappel, admire the view from above, “walk” in vertical cliffs and land with safety. The huge smile on your lips and an adventure that you will tell for years, are just the reward for your courage.


Sightseeing & Excursions

Through age-old paved paths that link forgotten villages together and mountain trails, Abeliona Retreat is your starting point for day trips and visits to cultural treasures and well-preserved ancient sites: the Temple of Apollo Epicurius on the way to the traditional village of Andritsena, the miraculous church of Saint Theodora in Megalopolis, the majestic waterfalls of Neda and Mount Lykaion; known since antiquity, the village of Karytaina with its 13th century Frankish Castle and of course the sacred grounds of Ancient Olympia. Discover something new every day by merely allowing your senses to be your guide.

Visit the Temple of Apollo Epicurius. World Heritage Site by UNESCO and one of the best preserved classical antiquity, the temple of Apollo Epicurius was built in the 5th BC century by Iktinos. The monument can be compared in importance to Acropolis. According to the myth the inhabitants of the area of Fygaleia dedicated the temple to Apollo, when he helped them to overcome a major epidemic. That was the reason why they called him “Epicurius” (for the cure).


Visit Saint Theodora Church. Legend says that before her death, Saint Theodora begged for her hair to become trees, her blood to shift to river and her body to a church. The small church of the 12th AD century, located in Vasta, has in its roof seventeen trees that pass through the walls and the roof. Even today visitors can see the water gushing from the foundations.


Discover Neda’s waterfalls. Neda is the one and only river in Greece with a female name, which derives from the ancient nymph Neda, one of three nymphs who nursed the god Zeus. The impressive waterfalls falling from a height of 7 meters (the lowest) and 20m (the highest) form a beautiful, turquoise small lakes that-especially in the summer – give visitors the opportunity for a quick refreshing splash.


Wander the medieval town of Karytaina. Karytaina first mentioned in the 13th AD century. Today is characterized as a traditional settlement. The medieval castle and the plethora of Byzantine churches complete the picture. The main attraction is the well preserved Frankish castle, built on top of the hill, which was also used as the base of Kolokotronis activities during the Greek revolution of 1821.


Walk in the backstreets of Andritsaina. It is built on a green slope of Lykaion. Andritsaina is a city which was developed in the 12th-13th AD century. The picturesque village welcomes every year thousands of visitors who come to admire the mansions, the backstreets and the square with tall trees that capture traditional greek villages. The Big Spring (Trani Vrisi), located there, is the oldest of the Peloponnese and was built in 1724.


Organize a trip to Ancient Olympia. The first evidence of human presence in Olympia date back to the 4th millennium BC. This period was the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece and the permanent venue of the ancient Olympic Games. Fair enough, is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world and this is a reason in itself to visit and feel the special energy.


THE ABELIONA VILLAGE. There is a sense of agelessness in this small, picturesque stone-built village. Cobblestone streets, hiking trails, authentic old buildings and traditional stone fountains have all regained their once-fading charm following a concerted effort, done in recent years, to conserve the village’s unique character and heritage. Today, you can wander the paved streets of the village and its restored main square, walk along the stream and the narrow alleyways leading to the springs or nearby chestnut forest. For it is true that, every step you take unveils an architectural, cultural or historical gem –enfolded by a breathtaking and bountiful nature.


Mind & Body

In the fast paced world we live in, the ability for one to attain inner peace and regain one’s balance has become an absolute necessity. There are different roads one can follow to achieving equilibrium; whether through the serenity of meditation in nature, the adrenalin rush of rafting in nearby Lousios River, the mindfulness of hiking along a network of mountain trails, or the feeling of well-being that comes from having an organic meal in our restaurant. In Abeliona Retreat, you may choose your own path to wellness and personal transformation.

YOGA & MEDITATION. Sitting idyllically on the evergreen mountainside, indulging into a sense of timelessness, Abeliona Retreat offers the perfect setting for yoga and meditation sessions. Unfurl your mat inside the special-purpose yurt, or anywhere around the property, to discover yourself. And do not miss out on the opportunity to participate in all the wellness workshops that take place here also!


HUMAN DESIGN .. is the science of differentiation. It shows us our unique pattern in life, which help us reconnect with our true essence. Experiencing your design is life-transforming. It is a validation of your true place and purpose in this world. Mental, emotional, physical, and genetic attributes that affect your health, career, relationships and all other aspects of your life are revealed. It empowers you with very specific information about your genetic make-up so that you can regain your trust in yourself to know how and when to act, especially, how to make decisions that will lead you to your correct path. For more information please contact hotel reception.

AURA READING. In Abeliona Retreat, you can have a Kirlian photograph taken and analyzed. In cooperation with Full Spectrum, you will see the strengths you already have and they can suggest you the areas that you can develop these potential further. If they identify any disruptive energy patterns they will look for ways of transforming them in order to bring more energy and balance in your life. Or you can just take a picture of your aura when you come and before leaving, so that you can see how Abeliona and your stay here has affected you.


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